Who'd have thought it but that wonderful decade of the Seventies was making waves across the national print and broadcast press this week thanks to our feature on retro brands last week (Boogie Back to the 70s The Grocer 23 September p30).

Obviously the return of Smash, Blue Nun, Babycham, Poppets, Spam and Brut have captured the imagination of journalists across the land. Perhaps it's a sign that those that pen the illustrious words that fill our press are embarking on their Forties - and harking back to their childhoods.

Whatever the reason, The Guardian was first off the mark with a full page devoted to the subject and quotes from our very own wordsmith Sonya Hook. Stints on radio and television followed as did other major national newspapers.

While the 1970s was taking the limelight deputy editor Siân Harrington's leader on the subject of organic box deliveries certainly caused some waves. The poor service she received from Abel & Cole did not go unnoticed and, spotting a business opportunity, other box schemes were straight in there. But full marks to Abel & Cole for taking it on the chin and calling to find out what went wrong and to offer an explanation.

There are, it appears other ways of receiving the goods. In fact, in one case the company's drivers have to put individual fruit and vegetables through a customer's letterbox.

The things you have to do to satisfy customers today!