The UK's leading multiples have provided a full basket for The Grocer 33's weekly shopping survey just 40% of the time since June, according to our six-month review.
On average, one product in 29 was missing from the shelf out of the 216 visits our mystery shoppers made over the last six months.
The low point came on November 1 when not one shopper was able to fill a basket ­ the second time this year and only the third time in the five-year history of The Grocer 33.
The high point for consumers was November 22 when our basket fell to a record low ­ at Asda's store in Havant which checked out our list at £35.90. Asda has this week again driven down the price of our basket by a further 21p.
Asda continues to be Britain's best value supermarket ­ its full basket on average £1 less than Tesco and Morrisons. But for stocked shelves Waitrose, Morrisons and Safeway fared best. Morrisons provided a full basket 60% of the time. Safeway and Waitrose hit a 50% strike rate. Tesco and the Co-op were down to 23% and 16%.
In our themed basket survey only one shop out of 27 provided a full basket across all regions (British food, November 8).
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