An unfortunate piece of sponsorship in the New Statesman magazine has led to a bun fight within its letters pages. In its September 24 issue, the magazine published a special supplement on food and farming. And, we have to say, it was a good effort. However, the supplement was sponsored solely by McDonald's. Now, we are completely neutral on the issue of whether McD's is the devil incarnate or a damn good food company. But such a sponsorship did seem a tad insensitive, given the political leanings of New Statesmen readers. In one letter, four contributors to the New Statesman supplement, including our own columnist Tim Lang, wrote: "This is deeply disappointing in itself ­ representing a poor understanding of corporate symbolism ­ as well as insensitive to ourselves as professionals who have little sympathy with what that company represents." Another reader wrote: "When I first saw the golden arches logo on the supplement's cover, I thought it was some kind of jokey ironic statement." Unfortunately, no irony was intended. Oops! {{COUNTERPOINT }}