The Northern Ireland Independent Trade Association has called for a moratorium on large out of town retail developments while a planning review is completed. NIIRTA chief executive Brian Gray said he welcomed the Department of Regional Development's review, but added: "It is long overdue and is certain to take at least two years to complete and implement. "In the meantime, independent retailers shouldn't be forced out of business due to rules that are vague and open to misinterpretation." Gray said the multi-national supermarket chains benefit most from large developments, adding : "The irony is that the money which goes through their tills disappears out of Northern Ireland overnight." Northern Ireland's regional development minister Gregory Campbell, who has appointed planning and development consultants Roger Tym & Partners to conduct the research, said: "The review, which will take six months to complete, will include consultation with the NI assembly, local government, the retail sector and the public." {{NEWS }}