The malt drink Ovaltine is shrugging off its old-fashioned image as a children’s bedtime drink with the launch of its first add water variant.
Ovaltine Original Light Water is the first time the malt drink has been formulated to be mixed with water in an attempt to make it more of a daytime option. Because it is made with hot water it contains fewer calories, making it healthier.
“Ovaltine is moving away from its image as being heavily linked to bedtime,” said customer marketing controller Christine Edwards.
“We thought the time was right to add a malt version to the add water format. The drink has much broader appeal.”
It joins the company’s chocolate add water drink, which it said has performed well, and its Max for Milk range of chocolate, strawberry and banana children’s drinks. According to figures published last week in The Grocer, hot chocolate drinks rose in value 9.2% for the year ending June 19, while malted drinks rose 13.8% [TNS].
Ovaltine was launched in the UK in 1906 as a health drink. It was originally called Ovomaltine - derived from the drink’s two main ingredients, eggs and malt.
Revamped packaging will support the launch, which hits shelves next week, with new 300g size jars for the multiples and 200g jars for convenience stores across Original add milk, Original add water and Chocolate add water. The Chocolate and Ovaltine Original add water variants are also available in 20g sachets.