The Association of Convenience Stores has spoken out in defence of Forbuoys after it became the first UK business fined for breaking the EU's working time directive.
ACS spokesman James Lowman labelled it a "freak case". "This is not indicative of the sector where staff tend to work a low number of hours." Forbuoys was fined £5,000 under the 1998 Working Time Regulations Act after a court heard Maureen Lumbard, 51, had clocked up 71 hours a week over four months. She was contracted to work a 39-hour week. The maximum amount of weekly work time allowed under EU rules is 48 hours.
A spokesman for Forbuoys said: "This lapse was a result of the failure of an invidual in supporting the store in which Maureen worked. This area manager has since been replaced and our control procedures changed to ensure this will not occur again."

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