A new front has opened up in the war between supermarkets’ own-label lines and the brands stocked alongside them after research claimed many top brands were far higher in salt.

Products by Kellogg’s, Heinz and Duchy Originals were among those tested in a new study by campaign group Consensus Action on Salt & Health.

It found that supermarkets’ own-label cereals had around half the salt of some leading brands, while products including bread, pasta sauces and tinned soups were also studied.

Meanwhile, the Food Standards Agency has warned that many consumers are unaware that the majority of their salt intake comes from staples such as bread and cereal.

“Salt intakes are coming down but people need to become more aware of the foods which contribute to intakes,” an FSA spokeswoman told the Daily Mail.

“This could be a supermarket own-label product or one from the ‘value’ range. If so, any cost saving is an added bonus.”