Sir; We were interested to see the Analysis article about insurance, 'Playing with Fire' (The Grocer, May 17).
We would like to highlight that the Food Industry Panels Group (FIPG) has issued Fire Risk Minimisation Guidance, which addresses your closing comment If big players are struggling, what will it mean for SMEs if they do not get effective guidelines?'
Reaction to the FIPG Guidance has been extremely positive from the manufacturing and temperature-controlled industries, risk managers, brokers and insurers.
Copies have been provided to the Fire Protection Association and it is likely that it will be used as the basis for its food occupancy guidance to replace the current design guide for buildings.
Workshops have already been run to introduce the FIPG Guidance to the industry. The most recent was held on May 29, in conjunction with the Northwest Food Alliance. The FIPG Guidance will feature in the June 27 ABI Seminar on Sandwich Panels, which was referred to in the article.
The FIPG Guidance is available for £75 from FIPG members (Chilled Food Association, Cold Storage & Distribution Federation, Ice Cream Federation and the UK Association of Frozen Food Producers). Further information can be found at FIPG's website: