Cube magazine, a monthly title dedicated to the new Nintendo GameCube soon to launch in the UK, hits the news stands on November 22. Paragon Publishing says that Cube, the unofficial reviews magazine, will be the first GameCube title on sale in the UK. "It will cover all the hype and excitement prior to the console's launch in April 2002," a spokesperson adds. The 132-page monthly is aimed at men between 18 and 35. Editorial will cover news, previews and reviews and will include a large solutions section. Paragon says that the magazine's covers and the primary editorial will focus on the big brand names from Nintendo. The launch issue of Cube comes covermounted with an exclusive video showcasing all the new GameCube games from Nintendo. Paragon says that sales of GameCube are expected to rival those of the GameBoy Advance launch, where 200,000 units were sold in the first month. The launch will be promoted across Paragon's console gaming portfolio and on the company's videogames web site, Cover price is £3.20; initial print run is 77,500. Distribution is by Seymour. {{CTN }}