The growing craze for trading cards such as Pokémon has prompted the launch of Paragon's latest magazine ­ Trading Card World. Paragon claims the new monthly title is the only UK magazine devoted to the previewing, selling and valuing of trading cards. Every issue of TCW will feature the latest blockbuster films, games and TV series, including Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, Planet of the Apes and WWF Wrestling. Editorial will include previews of the new card ranges, pictures of the most collectable cards, and features. The A4 title will also contain a price/values list for the top 50 trading card series and every issue will have a free trading card ­ many of which will be one-offs designed specifically for TCW. Cover price is £2.99, distribution is by Seymour and the launch date is August 23. {{CTN }}