A new fortnightly partwork called Porcelain Dolls will launch in selected regions on May 17. The partwork will feature facts and photography about dolls and doll collecting. Each issue will also come with a doll or accessory, allowing readers to build up their own collection throughout the series. Porcelain Dolls will be launched nationally in two phases. It will be available this month in Scotland and Ireland, and the Granada, Border, Tyne Tees and Yorkshire TV regions. Part one will have an introductory price of £1.99, with subsequent issues retailing for £4.99. The partwork will be launched in September in the Anglia, Central, HTV, London, Meridian and WTV regions. A £1.6m promotional campaign will back the new partwork, including TV and radio advertising and direct mail. According to publisher De Agostini, launching Porcelain Dolls outside the traditional partwork season will help take the pressure off retailers and gain extra exposure for the launch. Circulation manager John Read said: "This release in May should ensure retailers can take the opportunity to maximise the availability of part one, and capitalise on sales down the line." {{CTN }}