Plans to strengthen the Connexions card's role as a proof of age scheme will shake up the market ­ and may put paid to plans for a British Retail Consortium PASS card. BRC's criteria for its PASS proof of age card endorsement scheme had been backed by industry stakeholders, including the Association of Convenience Stores and proof of age company CitizenCard. CitizenCard md Andrew Chevis chaired the PASS working committee. He said: "Connexions is negotiating with the BRC which wants it to put a PASS hologram on all Connexions cards. Without Connexions there will be no PASS." A BRC spokesman said: "We are still negotiating with the government for PASS funding. It is a very inclusive scheme which would endorse all proof of age schemes, including Connexions." But Chevis said that the PASS committee has reservations about Connexions because it did not meet one of the five PASS criteria ­ to list the holder's age on the face of the card. And Chevis said future distribution of the cards to 15-year-olds will cause added confusion to retailers when deciding whether to sell age restricted products. He said: "CitizenCard has now withdrawn from joint marketing with Connexions. We are opposed to some aspects of the Connexions proposals, such as charging retailers £10 for card-reading technology which costs £5 at cost price." He added that CitizenCard would remain the only proof of age scheme available across the UK. {{NEWS }}