The publication of 'Les Tribulations d'une Cassiere' (The Tribulations of a Checkout Girl) has created a stir in the grocery world, revealing steamy French shoppers kissing in the aisles, heavy bum petting and breasts being caressed in the lingerie department.

Checkout worker of eight years Anna Sam's novel - a compilation of her popular blog - paints a pretty saucy picture of the average French shopper, with lust-fuelled consumers copping a quick grope in the frozen aisles .

I can't help but think these antics have more to do with the famous French joie de vivre than offering any true insight into the retail world. The most raunchy episode the UK grocery industry has seen was when Arkwright tried to cop off with nurse Gladys Emmanuel. He failed.

I've managed to get my hands on the English equivalent blog, 'Cleaner to Aisle Four', which details some of the more racy incidents in the British supermarket : 'Monday 3 August 2007. Pandemonium in aisle 23 today when a fight broke out over which baked beans brand was better - Branston or Heinz. We decided it was Heinz.' Alan Bennett eat your heart out.