Sales Information Resources has limited sales data on the brand, which it values at £425,000 for the year ending February 24 2002. It puts Total Bagged Snacks at £1,816m, down 0.1% year-on-year for the same period. According to Red Mills, sales have reached £1.6m. The company says: "The major multiples gave strong support to the launch, with three or four lines listed in most major retailers nationally. Sales of the familiar snacks have met expectations but the more esoteric products ­ Gathia Sev noodles and Jeera Para parcels ­ have made way for other lines which join the range later this year. We are disappointed that few retailers got behind the dips as, where stocked, these have achieved a high rate of sale. Our plans for the next 12 months include new products and pack formats for other channels." {{P&P }}