Sir; I am writing to tell you of the callous way I was treated by PayPoint. I rang to report that my husband had been robbed on the way to the bank. PayPoint insisted we were responsible for the money being available for collection by direct debit in two days. That meant I would have to try to raise the money and pay it into Giro bank on the same day as the robbery. My husband was in deep shock and I was very upset. PayPoint showed no compassion. We are now going to have the terminal taken out. With the measley commission they pay, we can't afford to have £4,000 on standby for their use. Paypoint will not wait for the insurance company to settle so we have to find the money until they do. However, when I informed Camelot, not only did they inquire after my husband's welfare but also said they would wait for the insurance company to settle, as long as we kept them informed. M Anderson H&B Stores Stone, Dartford, Kent {{LETTERS }}