PayPoint has launched its second-generation terminal and claims that the new terminal is up to 35% faster than the current one.

Unveiled at the Convenience Retailing Show in Birmingham last week, PayPoint said the new terminal incorporates new technology to enable retailers to offer customers a broader range of services.

This includes a smart card reader allowing customers to charge up smartcards for bus, coach and rail ticketing as well as congestion charging. There is also a touch screen LCD display for select products such as E-top-ups, which does away with the need for keeping barcodes by the terminal.

PayPoint is investing £6m in rolling out the new technology to 11,000 retailers over the next 12-15 months. The company has faced some criticism from retailers over the amount of commission they received but managing director Dominic Taylor believed that this investment and the quality of the new machine should alleviate retailers concerns.

Taylor said: “Retailers have to weigh up the commission they receive against the benefits of the new machine. This machine will prove very cost effective in terms of the time it takes for retailers to process transactions and the range of services available.”