Breton cauliflower producers are looking for closer links with UK growers to boost sales in UK supermarkets this winter.

Oliver Sinquin, marketing director of Prince de Bretagne, will hold discussions with both retailers and suppliers shortly, while the crop is harvested.

He said this year would see a renewed interest in the UK, following a period where Brittany had tended to concentrate more on Continental markets.

“Many of the UK's largest grower/packers are category managers responsible for the entire programme, so it makes sense,” he said.

“It may be possible to develop a type of generic Five-a-Day programme in store which would help us both.

“Another alternative is to link with some of the UK regional brands such as Cornish King,” he added.

While growing conditions in Brittany had been difficult this summer, he said there would still be sufficient volume to meet demand, although larger sizes would be fewer.