Sir Richard Branson’s People’s Lottery has dismissed retailers’ concerns that a switch from Camelot to another lottery operator would cause severe disruption.
Speaking exclusively to The Grocer, Simon Burridge, chief executive of People’s Lottery, said: “The interruption would be over a short space of time. During the bidding for the last licence, we demonstrated to the National Lottery Commission that a retailer could change to a new system in 20 minutes.”
As reported in The Grocer last week, independent retailers say they want Camelot to win the next National Lottery licence, for which bidding started at the beginning of the month. They argue that they would suffer financially from a change in operator.
However, Burridge said the People’s Lottery was not committed to tabling an official bid yet. “We are watching to see if there will be a level playing field. Last time round new bidders were practically required to set up a lottery from scratch. The process cost Richard (Branson) £10m.”