The likes of Bon Bon Buddies, Kinnerton and Mr Lucky Bags may not have any big brands to shout about, but they’re definitely still out there with a range of licensed offerings.
And despite not possessing the financial clout of their bigger rivals to always land the plum character deals, they do not believe for a second that they are playing second fiddle in the licensing stakes.
Bon Bon Buddies claims that its tack ­ to go with the likes of perennial kids’ favourites like Teletubbies and Bob the Builder instead of always chasing the latest blockbuster ­ is actually a better route.
Pauline Howarth, director of licensing at Bon Bon, says: “We would recommend that retail focus on a strong mix of the most popular characters, preferably with classic status, as the majority range.”
Howarth says there is also much more to licensing than simply picking the right character. “To get the overall mix accurate for a successful product, the manufacturer needs to understand what tempts the purchaser, what the end user’s ideal or expectation is, the brand’s characteristics and the qualities that are required to create synergy such as good product, good packaging, good merchandising solutions and good PoS.”