Okay, we know it's childish. But we still get a kick out of spotting ­ and laughing at ­ foreign product names with funny English connotations. As you would expect, there were plenty of examples to be seen at the recent World Food Moscow show ­ with one of the favourites being Cok juices. And many of the British expats living in Moscow also have to smile when they see adverts for local airline Krass. Yes, it is pronounced crash'. Anyway, if readers think this is a peculiarly British phenomenon ­ think again. While being shown around Spar Russia's new store, md Dmitry Maslov was eager to show our deputy editor one of the Spar brand frozen pizzas he imported from Germany. It was a pepperami pizza which boasted that it had, and we kid you not, extra dick. "You must take a photo of this," said Maslov, with a chuckle. So we did. {{COUNTERPOINT }}