Shop Scan Save, a mobile phone-based loyalty scheme for c-stores, launched this week, backed by big grocery brands.

Consumers who sign up to the scheme receive barcode SMS vouchers on their mobile phones, which they can redeem when scanned on a PayPoint terminal.

Members can also text key words to receive a tailored offer on their phones.

More than 250 companies, including Procter & Gamble, Nestlé, Mars and Unilever, have already thrown their weight behind the scheme. Offers from Coca-Cola Orange, Volvic Revive Berry Blast and Volvic Revive Citrus Kick will feature in the first campaigns.

Early customers will also receive a large discount on Nestlé Polo mints, according to PayPoint and The Light Agency, which have launched the scheme.

"Shop Scan Save looks set to increase traffic into PayPoint's 16,000 outlets and to take away the burden of paper-based coupon redemption," said PayPoint retail director Mike Igoe.