Physical exercise is key, not regulation

Dave Brooks Chief executive, Finsbury Food Group Sir; Why must the government continue to misdirect funds to tackle the obesity crisis in this country? Your Focus On Character Licensing (20 October) pointed out the industry's increasingly responsible stance but did not look into what the government is doing to tackle obesity past Ofcom's regulation on advertising to promote healthy eating. The continued focus on regulation detracts from funding that could make a significant difference to children's health. Calorie intake has dropped in the past 40 years, though our calorie expenditure has dropped further - our change to a more sedentary lifestyle is key. Shouldn't the government be looking towards initiatives to tackle the lack of exercise, such as putting health warnings on video games, or adding health and wellbeing to the national curriculum for children aged five and over, or supporting schools in their quest to run physical activities without fear of being sued? The government needs to trust the industry's continued co-operation and support, and focus equally on tackling education and exercise.