While most signs point to a fall in pigmeat prices internationally next year and probably a long-term downtrend as North and South American supplies increase, some analysts reckon China's entry into the mainstream of world trade could push the market the other way by bringing in massive extra demand. One hint is a deal signed recently between the Chinese and Danish veterinary authorities. This has prompted suggestions China could supplant Japan as the big Asian market absorbing Danish pigmeat, indirectly underpinning prices in Europe. The short term reality is likely to be much more modest, comprising only small tonnages of variety meats, along with some live pigs. Big volumes of commodity pork will have to await tariff reductions after China joins the World Trade Organisation. On the other hand, what if China's already large pig industry becomes a bigger import replacer or even a major exporter? Among outside advisers with at least some involvement in preparations for this is the MLC. {{MEAT }}