Modern and flexible production and solid economy' Comparisons with pig pricing across the North Sea can be deceptive. Danish pigmeat co-operative Tican has shown it with this week's announcement of a hefty 1 krone per kg dw bonus for its farmers. The Jutland ham specialist this year made a profit of 104m kroner on a turnover of 1.3 billion kroner. This has generated 86.1m kroner for farmers, leaving 18m kroner in retained profits. It has been a busy year abroad for Tican. As well as opening a UK sales office in Chippenham, Wiltshire, and a depot in Walsall, the co-op has had a good year in Japan. Tican md Ove Thejls attributes the performance to: "modern and flexible production and a solid economy", even though there are 15% fewer farmers supplying the Thisted abattoir. In a much firmer fourth quarter, Tican's farmers are currently earning 10.50kr/kg dw, compared to a pre-bonus figure of 8.90kr for the October 1999 to September 2000 financial year. Danish pig farmers have had a reasonable year, with industry body Danske Slagterier forecasting earnings of 9.42kr before bonuses for calendar year 2000. This follows a DS figure of 7.32kr for 1999. Given a break-even point between 8.50kr and 9kr, the Danish industry is recovering rapidly, with UK business inflated by the exchange rate. Sterling, currently trading at 12.39kr to the pound, has strengthened from 10.45kr since January 4 1999, which will tend to skew British notions of Danish pig producer prices. {{MEAT }}