Pimm's is set to venture out of its heartland in the south east this summer and go nationwide as brand owner Diageo invests £3.5m in a summer campaign.

The move follows a successful 2006 when 100,000 new households bought into the brand. "Pimm's has been a brand rooted in the south east but following two to three years of national growth we decided to change our focus," said brand manager Matt Campbell.

The company said it would keep Harry, the bumbling Englishman, as the star of its campaign.

It is also sending out two Pimm's-branded buses to music festivals as part of a mass sampling campaign and is bringing out new gift-packs. One-litre bottles will come with a free jug and six-packs of pre-mixed cans will come with a free cool bag.

And it has also teamed-up with ice-maker Frecco to create cross-branded ice containing slices of mint, cucumber and orange, rsp £3.99 for a 12-pack.