Pete & Johnny's is overhauling its smoothies business with new packaging, new products and a brand new image. The move coincides with the arrival of Tropicana and St Ivel into the £11.73m smoothies sector [ACNielsen] and will see Pete & Johnny's dropped from packs and replaced by PJ's and an extra o' in the word smoothie from May. "This will help consumers make quicker decisions at the fixture," said chief executive Harry Cragoe. A raft of new lines includes two organic yogurt based smoothies called Mooothies, in Strawberry and Mango & Lime flavours, a Daily Detox supersmoothie containing milk thistle and ginger to help purify the system, and a five- strong juice range under the PJ Naked banner. The company is backing PJ's with a £2.5m spend, including sponsorship of TV series Survivor. A new Survivor smoothie will coincide with the series. {{P&P }}