Major retailers are failing to live up to their green promises on plastic bags, according to results from The Grocer 33 online survey.

Despite much-trumpeted plans to be more environmentally friendly, our latest quarterly survey indicates that Asda, Tesco and Ocado all used more plastic bags than in last November's survey - with Asda using 13 bags to deliver just 30 products.

Tesco almost doubled the number of bags used to deliver our shopper's order, jumping from six to 11. Ocado also increased the number of bags used, delivering with 10 instead of seven, with individual bags for lettuce, milk and an Old El Paso fajita dinner kit.

Sainsbury's reduced the number of bags it used, from 14 to 11.

WaitroseDeliver was the most environmentally conscious retailer, using eight - two less than last quarter.

"Using a few more bags than our rivals in this one shop isn't great, but it's also not an indication of how green we are," said a spokesman for Asda.

"We're working our socks off to cut waste in every part of our business.

"Hopefully next time you test us we'll be more frugal."

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