A new campaign has been launched today by the plastics industry to challenge itself, government and consumers to step up recycling and to stop sending plastic to landfill.

The Plastics 2020 Challenge, backed by MPs across the political spectrum, marks the first time plastics manufacturers and processors have set their own targets for making the industry greener.

They have pledged to double the recycling rate of plastic packaging by the year 2020 while also calling on the government, environmental groups and consumers to help get more from the country’s resources.

Campaign website plastics2020challenge.com was launched today, urging members of the public and interest groups to join the debate on the benefits, use and disposal of plastic products and packaging.

Environmental campaigners including Friends of the Earth have also been encouraged to take part in regular web debates on subjects such as marine littering and bio-plastics.

The campaign has been welcomed by WRAP and the Local Government Association.

“It is very welcome to see the plastics industry come to the table with proposals to drive up plastic recycling rates as well as wider initiatives for resource efficiency,” said Paul Bettison of the LGA. “Consumers have shown high levels of support for recycling and with the industry’s engagement I hope we see the challenge being met.”