Snack brands are making inroads into the school playground that no other categories can match, according to new research.
Class is to be a twice-yearly research programme looking at what children are influenced by and what is cool in the playground, carried out by Coutts Retail Communications.
Coutts group marketing director Lucy Lynch said it found spontaneous brand recall for snack brands that hardly existed in other categories.
Children referred to crisps largely by flavour, only occasionally mentioning Walkers, revealing the inroads own label has made in this category. But they spontaneously recalled a large number of non-crisp snacks and chocolate brands, including Twix, Monster Munch, Mars and Quavers.
They also found swapping and collecting did not interest boys at all. Lynch said this could be a result of the speed at which new characters and toys are presented to them. "Why collect when something new and even more exciting is in the next cereal packet?" she asked.

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