Illicit booze and alcohol

Customs officers and police have seized a haul of illegal alcohol in Scotland

A massive haul of illicit alcohol has been seized in a series of raids by police and HMRC north of the border.

The Scottish swoops involved more than 40 customs officers, South Lanarkshire Trading Standards and police, who visited a number of premises in South Lanarkshire and Glasgow.

In total 1,570 litres of beer, 1,880 litres of wine and 1,282 litres of spirits were seized during the operation last Thursday, it was revealed yesterday.

HMRC said it and the other agencies involved were now considering further action against offenders, including full tax and VAT investigations and a review of alcohol and other trading licences.

“The South Lanarkshire operation is part of on-going work with our partner agencies to target the illicit alcohol supply chain, including producers, storage facilities, wholesalers and retailers,” said Chris Brett, HMRC’s Alcohol Taskforce manager in Scotland.

“We are also keen to work with, and support, local businesses that have to compete against these illegal sales.”