Almost three-quarters of shoppers would refuse to eat meat from cloned animals – while on in four would stop shopping at a store that sold the controversial produce.

Seventy-three percent of those polled by discount website said they would not eat cloned meat, while 57% said milk was cloned animals was unacceptable to them – primarly over worries it would be unsafe.

Meanwhile, 24% said they would no longer shop at a supermarket selling cloned produce.

The survey comes with the Food Standards Agency facing mounting criticism over its handling of the ongoing cloning fiasco, with meat from at least two cloned cattle confirmed as having entered the food chain.

“The news that both the milk and meat from cloned cows had found its way into the UK food chain has caused quite a disturbance amongst the British public,” said Mark Pearson, the website’s managing director.

“I think a great deal of the hostility comes from the fact the public weren’t made aware of the cloned produce before it made its way into the mainstream food industry.

“Should supermarkets ever decide to stock it, a crystal clear labelling policy would need to be introduced so consumers are able to make an informed decision.”

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