The only UK producer of chicory has been forced to scale back its promotional activity due to a poor crop.

After a couple of years of successful promotion in retailers through on-pack recipe ideas, Jack Buck has been forced to tone down its campaign. Supplies are 20% down because of damage during the hot summer.

"There'll be fewer promotions as we just can't support them with volume," said marketing controller Simon Howard

Celeriac has fared better, with a good crop, and the company plans to boost sales by introducing packs containing just half a root. It will continue using its 'Ugly One' branding.

Jack Buck has also had a successful second year of marketing its growing crop of Jerusalem artichoke. This season, which began in November, about 10 tonnes are expected, selling at 500kg/week into Booths and Sainsbury's. "We want to stress its nutritional benefits: it contains inulin, not starch, and is an effective prebiotic," Howard added.