Alcoholic drinks and frozen remain at the top of the category chart, unchanged in terms of positioning from last week.
However, the competition between the two is much closer with frozen standing less than one percentage point behind alcoholic drinks. Surprisingly, both categories maintain their positions despite having no supporting products in the brand chart this week.
The big story of the week is the increase in soft drinks activity in-store. This lifts the category up to third place in the chart, supported by a wide range of brands. These include Fanta, Pepsi and Robinsons, which all appear in the brand chart. Buy-one-get-one-free offers, from the likes of Tango, Lilt, Ribena and Dr Pepper, also feature.
Household moves up one place this week while health and beauty drops to the bottom of the chart. Parazone and Comfort support household, while health and beauty is boosted by activity on Dove, Radox and Sunsilk. No one specific promotional mechanic dominates household, but the extra fill offer appears more than usual.