Consumers believe the drinks industry needs to be more socially responsible, according to a survey by MORI. The MORI survey revealed that 64% of adults believe the industry is not concerned about the welfare of its customers; 66% said advertising influenced other people's consumption; and 55% said sponsorship had an influence. However the survey threw up interviewees' peculiar attitude that it was other people who were susceptible to alcohol abuse and never they themselves. Nearly 90% said they personally were not affected by advertising or sponsorship. The survey was commissioned by industry watchdog Portman which tried to put a comforting light on the results. Director Jean Coussins said: "The industry should be reassured by the figures that show people remember the ads but maintain they are not influenced by them. "This data rebuts the allegations that advertising leads to higher levels of individual consumption. A new drinks ad does not mean the creation of another alcoholic. "The survey showed how completely differently the public views alcohol and tobacco." Yet this week Portman instigated a pilot advertising campaign in Manchester with the line If you do drink, don't do drunk', with the aim of reducing binge drinking and drunkenness. The focus will be in the on-trade, in pubs, clubs and student bars. Coussins said the campaign would be evaluated before a national roll out in February. At that time it will consider how it can be used in the take home environment. {{DRINKS }}