UK set to cut production? Is the UK poultry industry about to cut production sharply in the face of heavy supply from abroad? Latest chick placing estimates from DEFRA suggest the output trend could soon change abruptly. Commercial broiler chick placings in January were much lower than a year earlier with a drop from about 80m to under 75m. Female parent chick placings rose strongly. An output downturn would not be surprising after the volatile trading conditions producers have experienced in the past couple of years. Supply from the UK industry began rising in mid 2000, and was apparently stimulated by expectations of stronger demand following the BSE scare on the Continent late that year and then FMD. Output in the latest October-December period was significantly heavier than in the two previous corresponding quarters, and DEFRA's latest statistics show January broiler slaughterings nearly 10% higher than a year earlier. On the other hand, imports were down slightly last year, while exports are thought to have increased. Yet prices and stock volumes are known to have distressed producers. {{MEAT }}