from Jonathan Edwards, client services director, Design Base, Bath

Sir; Further to the opinions expressed by James Ensor about the push to non-food meaning larger stores (The Grocer, November 15, p33), I would like to congratulate the multiples on their expansion into sales of non-food lines.

This really is a market ready to kick off and the multiples are developing, progressing, broadening the mix and already drawing in the eager crowds.

As a retail design consultancy we have been working with some of the major players in delivering space efficient and logical ways to manage, stock and sell non-food lines in the
supermarket environment. This has been a major learning curve for businesses unused to actually holding stock in warehouses for more than a few days. These efforts and learnings are now beginning to show themselves across the country and are being widely accepted by both retailer and customer as an excellent step.

I have just one question - as an industry why do we still insist on calling the categories non-food? This seems to fly in the face of good marketing principles. Surely we should be promoting a positive message not a negative one.