Sir; I have been led to believe by the radio news today that the government and the ministry of agriculture are highly displeased with the national press for hyping up the FMD crisis. Well, I can well understand that! The tabloids in particular have taken every opportunity to present this crisis in the blackest, gloomiest, most end-of-the-world light. They lurch from alarmist nonsense about meat running out one minute, to portentous doommongering about the spread of the disease the next, and hypocritical elegies and requiems for suicidal farmers the next. And then,there are the Hieryonymous Bosch style photographs of burning animals with their legs in the air. And accounts that we are all rushing to become vegetarians. If it was our boys out in the Gulf or whatever, it would be all ra-ra, back Britain, wave the flag. Instead, the national press seem determined to prove even deadlier to our farmers than the disease itself. The presentation of the farming industry as a hell on earth filled with smouldering pyres day after day is the very opposite of the patriotic support for farmers that might have been hoped for. And such self-interested negativity really will deter people from eating meat. Fiona Washington Ferring, West Sussex {{LETTERS }}