Tesco has rejected calls from MPs to promote healthy eating through its loyalty card.
Director of government affairs at Tesco, David North said such a move would be inappropriate and “could alienate customers” who might find it “patronising or draconian” reported The Times.

Asda is to trial displays of healthier snacks and fruit at the tills in the wake of a campaign by a parental lobby group to banish sweets at supermarket checkouts.
The Independent said the Food Commission launched its ‘Chuck Snacks Off the Checkout’ campaign by the Parents Jury in October, after its survey of major supermarkets found that Asda had an average of 2.4 displays of sweets, crisps or soft drinks at its checkouts.
The paper said a similar FC campaign 10 years ago persuaded Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Tesco and Safeway to remove sweets from their checkouts. All but Waitrose re-introduced sweets after manufacturers warned that removing confectionery from point-of-sale displays could lose about 30% in revenue.