Multinational food companies knew about research that suggests that many of their products trigger chemical reactions in the brain which lead people to overeat.
According to the Sunday Telegraph, one scientist said that food manufacturers were aware that they have been too successful in creating food that some people “just can’t say no to”.

The Independent on Sunday said that the government has just four days to make a statement on its plans to relax pharmacies' stranglehold over the prescription medicine market. The paper added that the Department of Trade and Industry believed opening up the markets to competition could threaten the future of up to 6,000 small chemists. While the Treasury favoured full deregulation of the market to allow supermarkets such as Asda and Tesco to compete with Boots, Lloyds Pharmacy and independent chemists.

Benjys, the sandwich shop chain with some 50 sandwich bars in London, could be floated to expand outside the capital. The Sunday Times said sites have opened in Birmingham and that growth could also come from delivering snacks to customers from a new style of mobile retail unit the firm has invented, to be licensed to other companies. Benjys has already announced plans to launch a fleet of vans to deliver sandwiches to offices.