Wal-Mart has tightened its grip on Japan’s fifth largest retailer Seiyu, in which it has a 34% stake, by appointing board directors and changing the company’s management structure.

As reported in The Financial Times the Japanese group yesterday said it would appoint five board members from Wal-Mart’s international and Asia staff, including John Menzer, president and chief executive of Wal-Mart International, to Seiyu’s board.

The Gold Blend couple from one of television’s most popular advertising campaigns are to return. This time round the campaign will feature a new couple a year into their relationship.

Defra secretary of state Margaret Beckett has been accused of letting down British farmers after an investigation found the canteen in her department selling only foreign apples.

Coca-Cola has reshuffled senior management in its North American operations as part of its efforts to stimulate drink sales in one of its most important regions.

Steve Heyer, president and chief operating officer of Coca-Cola, consolidated North American drinks and Minute Maid juice division under one manager, Don Knauss.

Sandy Douglas, previously president of the North American division, has been appointed chief customer officer.

The lure of a £500 reward for turning in a friend suspected of drink-driving over the festive season proved irresistible for more than 1,700 people.

Crimestoppers, the national charity set up to persuade people to inform on criminals, had a 240% jump in calls about drink-drivers compared with the previous year.