Golden Wonder is to axe 375 jobs at its Skelmersdale site in Lancashire which was found to be working at only 60% capacity, according to The Independent.

Chief executive Ed Jackson said that “every possible option had been explored” before the decision was made to close the factory. The crisp manufacturer is the third largest supplier in the UK’s £2.2bn crisps and snacks market, employing 1,400 people.

The Times has reported that violent crime against shopkeepers is rising, with almost a quarter of retailers having been affected. The figures, based on Home Office reports, have caused the government to hire business crime reduction teams for the ten regions of England and Wales.

The paper also said demand for beer has risen by 40% in the past two months and that Carlsberg-Tetley has had to ship in supplies from Denmark.

And the wholesale price of chicken has also rocketed during the heatwave due to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of battery hens.