Fast foods such as burgers, fries and fizzy drinks could be addictive, claim scientists.
They have suggested that eaters of high-calorie fried foods could be in the grip of an addiction similar to that experienced by users of hard drugs.
The studies - based on preliminary animal studies in the US - indicate that bingeing on such foods can cause changes in the brain that makes it hard to say no.
Scientists at Princeton University, who carried out the research, said that rats fed a diet containing 25% sugar developed withdrawal symptoms when the sugar was removed, including chattering teeth and shivering.

Meanwhile, Associated British Foods have come under fire from German authorities which have asked ABF to change its cooking methods as part of a campaign to limit consumption of the chemical acrylamide, which in high doses is suspected of causing cancer.

Business services group Hays is sounding out potential bidders for the logistics activities that used to form the heart of its operations, the Financial Times said without citing sources.