US group Altria, which changed its name from Philip Morris this week, said it was considering a full spin-off of its Kraft Foods unit.
But CEO Louis Camilleri told the Financial Times that any further spin-off could not happen yet because of litigation the company faces from former smokers.
A full demerger of Kraft has been rumoured ever since the company spun-off 16% in 2001, the newspaper said, but Altria fears being accused of selling off assets to protect them from legal damages.
Camilleri also said Altria would continue to be "very proactive" on acquisitions in food and tobacco.

The World Health Organisation warned that countries in central and eastern Europe and south-east Asia were not doing enough to prevent another epidemic of ‘mad cow disease’, reported the Financial Times. Maura Ricketts, author of a new WHO report, said she was not very happy about the level of precautions in many countries that might have imported contaminated feed or cattle from the UK or another EU member state.