Apples0.841.00 -0.16
Loose, cheapest on display, per kg
Loose, per kg
Loose, cheapest on display, per kg
White seedless, per kg
Cheapest, 227g
New Potatoes0.850.81+0.04
Loose, per kg
Cherry Tomatoes0.680.71-0.03
Prepacked, 250g
Loose, per kg
Green Beans0.860.80+0.06
Prepacked, 250g
Loose, closed cup, per kg

Nine of the 10 products in our fresh produce basket registered a change this week - more than at any time since we introduced Price Flash.
The total cost of our fresh produce basket has increased 13.1% since May 3, and it is now 9.6% more expensive than it was on January 10.
White seedless grapes accounted for the greatest price rise, 75.3%, led by all four retailers increasing their prices. This reflected the traditional seasonal changeover from Indian and Chilean sources to less plentiful supplies from Mexico and Egypt.
Bananas rose 14.9% following identical rises at all four retailers. This is the first major rise in banana prices for years, and has been variously attributed to poor weather conditions and a shortage of quarterly licences.
Prices are expected to remain at this new level for at least the rest of this quarter.