Six of the 10 products in our fresh produce basket registered a price change this week - three up and three down.
The total cost of the basket has dropped 14.6% since June 6, and is at its lowest level since our survey began on January 10.
The fall can largely be attributed to the price of white seedless grapes, which fell 49.6%. This came as supply switched from Mexican sources to Spain, where yields have increased 43% this year.
Onion prices rose 10.4% after identical rises at three retailers. It was the first major rise in onions since our survey began and corresponds to a switch from UK supplies to New Zealand.
Strawberries are no longer being stocked in 227g punnets in Tesco and Sainsbury, which now offer 450g or 454g for roughly the same price. This may reflect a healthy UK crop, boosted by warm days and cool nights, which has provided ideal growing conditions. The smaller-size punnets are still offered by Asda and Morrisons.