Seven of the 10 products in our fresh produce basket registered a change this week with five price falls and two rises recorded.
The total cost of our basket has fallen 3.3% since August 15, and it is once again at its lowest level since the survey began on January 10.
The cost of the basket has fallen for the third month in a row, and is now 10.9% cheaper than at the start of the year.
The biggest change this month was a 16.2% fall in the price of onions, reflecting the seasonal changeover at all but one of the four main retailers from New Zealand to the UK. Strawberries fell 12.5%, driven by a return to a 227g pack size at Tesco from its 454g pack.
The price of cherry tomatoes fell 10.3% following reductions at three of the retailers as fruit from Morocco and Israel began to be replaced by produce from Spanish, Dutch and UK sources. Apple prices fell 3.8%. Green beans rose 2.4% in price, and white seedless grape prices rose 1.1%.