Four products registered a change this week, and the total cost of our fresh produce basket fell by 3.36%. Our basket is now 9.2% cheaper than it was on January 4.
The increase this week was largely fuelled by a 23.2% fall in the average price of a pack of strawberries.
All four retailers brought their strawberry prices down. However, Tesco was offering a half price offer on its 400g packs, rendering the 227g pack temporarily obsolete.
The average cost of green beans fell by 5.4%. Morrisons alone drove this change, reducing its price by 20.2%.
There were two price increases in the basket. The average price of cherry tomatoes rose by 6.15%. This was driven by Tesco increasing its price by 25.4%.
The average price of new potatoes also rose, by 2.4%, driven by an increase of 34.5% by Asda, but offset by a reduction of 12.4% by Tesco.Pricing data supplied by