Over 90% of retailers and manufacturers say price is a bigger focus than ever before while 36% believe it is the biggest issue they face today.

A survey of 300 delegates at the 10th anniversary ECR Conference in Paris yesterday also found that a quarter of those present believed the level of collaboration between retailers and manufacturers was worsening over time and more than half said they did not spend enough time talking together.

In a bad sign for the future, more than a third of those questioned believed their current business model was only sustainable for one to two years while just under half (49%) said it was sustainable for less than 10 years. And 69% also said they did not have a good ECR-executable framework to drive value beyond price.

“We all talk about the consumer but then focus on price. Yet research shows only 14% of EU consumers say price is important to them,” said Procter & Gamble’s Andrew Garden from the ECR Value Creation Beyond Price project team.