The national TV ad will kick off a £1.5m publicity campaign that includes print media. Accantia won approval from the British Advertising Clearance Centre this week to compare the Lil-lets tampon's absorbency with competitors' products. The ad is based on a fictitious 1970s' show called Well I Never! where a female presenter demonstrates why Lil-lets is 30% more absorbent than other tampons. Accantia chief executive Geoff Percy said: "This is a tremendous boost for us as once again it demonstrates our entirely different and innovative approach to reaching consumers." He explained: "Traditional sensitivities have meant we have been restricted in how we discussed the benefits of our products, but the latest decision has allowed us to be more open without compromising sensitivity." Accantia claims to be the UK's number two producer of tampons, with a 40% share of a £98m market, which includes Lil-lets and retail own-brand tampons. {{NEWS }}