C-store promotions can encourage customers to visit more often and increase their spend, but only if properly targeted, research from Him! has shown.

Consumers who seek out promotions in c-stores are nearly twice as likely to use their local store as an alternative to the supermarket as typical c-store shoppers.

Promotional shoppers visit their c-store on average 4.2 times a week, versus 3.9 trips for regular c-store shoppers, according to the research, based on responses from 52,000 shoppers. Promo shoppers also spend more - on average £37.92 each week compared with a typical customer spend of £20.31.

"It's the prominent product display more than the offer that attracts customers," said Him! client director Jonathan Rons. "There's a risk of giving away margin for margin's sake. Similarly, flooding the store with promotions and signage can also cancel out the benefits of prominent display."

Although value for money was important to customers, it ranked behind availability and service in the convenience sector, said Rons.

He advised manufacturers to develop promotional campaigns specifically tailored to c-stores, rather than trying to transfer them from supermarkets to smaller formats.